Form follows function and function follows the material. People don’t build a structure and then figure out what to do with it. They don’t select material and then try if it happens to fill the requirements of the function. Easiest and most economic building conventions always triumphs over esthetically pleasing but unfunctional styles.

Human beings always seem to be lazy. They utilize materials, that just barely fill the requirements, that are easily available and easiest and quickest to mold and build. Building technology has always developed towards cheaper and quicker solutions. It is an easily observable trait in the history of city building, building codes and conventions.

Why all the ancient buildings are made of stone? And not just any stone, often the hardest stones, or otherwise functionally justifiable material (quartz, piezoactive material) that is not easily available on the building site, but has to be quarried from miles away and transported. Sometimes over mountains and through unsurmountable obstacles, even for today’s technology. It clearly points out few unassailable facts:

– At time of construction, stone quarring, molding and transportation was the easiest, most functional and quickest way to achieve the functional goals of the building (as opposed to wooden or brick buildings in other areas and times)

– Stone represent the hardest material found on the planet. Selecting stone as building material points to functional needs, rather than esoteric, theosofic or estethic motivations.

– Such functional stability need points to pressures and forces, that can be found only on planetary scale; vulcanic, tectonic, magnetic, electrical, extreme weather anomalies or possibly spontaneous nuclear reaction (possibly advanced weaponry. Without confirmed evidence of such, highly unlikely)

– Furthermore, water is found under several megalithic structures, as well as long, steep and structurally reinforced, precise tunnels. These indicate the possibility of active chemical, thermal of thermonuclear reaction control mechanism.

– The building sites were selected based on the properties specific to that location. Many hypothesis can be build around that fact (geographic, earth’s crust anomalies, Laylines, other magnetoelectrical currents, astronomical concurrences, mathematics, geometry etc) Without further study, I will not venture a guess into that. Just to point out, that location is the strongest relevant factor here.

Obviously, all these observations are relevant at the original building time of megalithic structures, some 12 500 years ago, or more (before Younger Dryas Anomaly).

As summation, all megalithic structures were built to withstand an anticipated, powerful pressure to the structure. The event was well understood based on the highly specific location, building material and building design. Later buildings, mimicking original structures, were clearly Cargo-cult style behaviour, so prevalent in human religious and belief systems.


Chief Astronomer, Dude University

Psychologist, University of Helsinki

Doctor of Divinity (hon), U. L. M.

Annular Eclipse, or the End of the World

Either I am coming totally unglued due to this ceaseless attack on truth and reality, or I stumbled on a particularly nasty Mandela effect.

I have been observing all things spacey, on and off, for the past 40 years or so. I had my own, small observatory I built when I was 13. I was a member of the local space observers’ guild by 15, studied a few odd courses of astronomy in the University, while majoring in Psychology & Neurology.

So, you might envision my astonishment, when I saw pictures from the 2019 solar eclipse. To my amazement, the moon did not totally cover the sun, instead there was a visible ring of light around the moon. As I knew only too well, this was absolutely, categorically impossible. In perfect conditions, the so called “Diamond Ring” was possible; in such events the halo of the sun was visible all around the moon, and sparkle of brighter light, the diamond, shone on one point on the outer edge of the moon. I am certain, that I would have noticed this herecy, if those “Annular eclipses” were a real phenomena.

I feverishly started to sift thru pictures of past eclipses, taken by me, or available on my usual sources. What I saw didn’t sooth me much: I did find pictures of those weird eclipses, but none before year 2012. And very little from reputable sources, like major universities of national space agencies.

So, the question remains: Is this another Mandela effect or something even more sinister?

Here are few of those alternatives:

1) I am ALREADY unhinged, and my memory circuits are shot

2) Moon is shrinking.

3) Moon’s orbit has (been) altered.

4)Sun is expanding

5) Earth’s orbit has altered, and we are moving closer to sun

2 and 4 would have other, more extreme consequences, so probably not those. So we are left with alternatives 1, 3 and 5. The first one is always possible, and moon’s relative size would not be my first concern.

Let’s consider 3 first.

Moon’s orbit getting more elliptical would generate “Annular” effect, but also more extreme tidal effects and seismic effects. I have not seen any reports on huge tides, so number 3 is unlikely.

If earth would be moving closer to sun, there would also be other effects. Like earth’s surface temperature rising, generating draughts, bush and forest fires….Ummm, Check. Athmosphere would be getting warmer. Check. Change in orbit would also generate new NEO (Near Earth Orbit) meteors. According to NASA, the first one is November 2nd.

Check, Check, Check.

So, do you think our government would tell us, or keep us in the dark? Perhaps do some kind of drill, to keep Peasants out of the way, while the Elite shuttles to Mars? Something like, I don’t know, a Pandemic perhaps. But hang on, they would need to shut down the economy, get the CEO’s ready to leave…

Over 2 000 CEO’s unexpectantly has quit since 2019, the economy WAS shut downHHEEYYY Wait a moment!!!

Silent as mimes when they fight

Day fell silent, as silent as the night,

Just quiet it was, like mimes when they fight,

My own voice I hear, I cry with my might.

Cold comfort like grave, this can not be right.

Insidious fuckwad, virus like Plague,

I hate you COVID, did you have to take,

My wife, my darling, my only soulmate,

Why go on living, Grim Reaper I wait.

“You stop right there!” I hear, is this a dream?

That’s my wife’s voice, where the hell have I been?

I was at the funeral, the coffin I’ve seen,

Was that only a scene within a dark dream?

I pick up my sword, still one job to do,

My body shivering, my hands shake now too.

The way of Samurai, quick bow, thank you

I kill my body, and that fucking bug too.

“You promised to live if I die” I hear your voice say

I look around Medicine wheel, and silently pray,

The comforts of crazy mind, I take if I may.

The voice of dead wife, I’m sure, begging to stay.

Day is still silent, as silent as night,

Just me and my wife are dead, it feels right

Resistance was futile, gave up the fight.

Now both of us dead, witnessing love’s might.

The defensive move du Jour. Or how to parry a blow from Rumplestiltskin

It is time to get serious.

Following the nation’s debates has never been easier. Just log into the relevant social media, and throw yourself into the mercy of the beast. I don’t mean the other people, but the media itself. The beast will have his pound of flesh and you will find yourself dancing to the latest TikTok tune.

I have written elsewhere about the tonalities of different social media. It remains interesting to check what kind of conspiracy theories pass through YouTube censorship, what thru Reddit filters and what is kosher in TikTok this week.

But it seems, that somewhere along the line we apparently wandered through the looking glass. At some point conspiracy theories turned from fringe areas to mainstream offering. Science, logic, proof and truth are now the red-headed bastards, being kicked around the schoolyard. If they’re only were a school yard, now that everyone is in quarantine. A day doesn’t go by without all major news outlets are trying to disprove one conspiracy theory or other.

When dealing with cults and conspiracies, the rules of debate don’t work. You can’t win an extremist in a argument, because they don’t fight fair. They use every trick just to broadcast their message. There will be no search for truth or common ground. It is the perennial fight between a boxer and dog racing; nobody knows who won, but somebody is bound to get hurt and covered in dogshit.

And that seems to be the missing ingredient at the moment; There is no actual search for the truth, because we have been so accustomed to just settle for lies.

It started in USA. People were force-fed 19 000 lies. Every man, woman and child. And all came from one man. That is a massive attack to anyone’s world-view. One sub-par, overweight, old, cheating, Ugly American lies, and most powerful men in the country explain how black is white today. Day after day after day. It starts to warp even the sanest people.

Then it started to spread. In this global digital village there are no walls, except the ones Trump makes. Which are expensive and worthless. Or, in Nuspeak, the best Wall in the world. And it works, too!

UK, Canada, Japan and Mexico had to pretend that they saw the emperors clothes too. House of Saudi, Putin and Kim said it just for shits and giggles. And Brazil, Hungary and Turkey quickly donned on their best Fake Furs and played to imitate the star with gusto seldom seen outside America’s Got Talent.

So now we are all in it. Playing pretend to avoid global meltdown. A worse global meltdown.

Quarantine makes artists of everybody

A brief reminder of how we got here

It’s been a bit crazy, don’t you think? First it was the war against the climate research (well, that was partly their own fault). Then the war against Muller-report. We all waited to hear the truth. Insted we were forced to read the truth and listned to Barr lying.

Then Khashoggi-murder. Everybody knew that MBS ordered the killing, but nobody said it to his face. Then we had to watch live-TV lying bonanza a’la Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Judge. We learned that he likes beer. Oh how we laughed! A woman was interrogated at the same time. Guilty as hell! For something.

Micheal Cohen was allowed to tell the truth, as long as he admitted being a professional lier, not a lawyer for Trump. Even though he was both.

Trump was trying to shake down Ukraine. But it was a perfect call and if he did, so what? We do it all the time!

Now, do you think there is a PandemicWHO lied there is, but but they didn’t tell Trump. But he knew, he knew that there is. Not. But no matter, he was the first to say it. And that’s why it miraculously vanished

And then it obviously can’t. Because it’s a hoax against him!
Pandemic? NoYesNo! We have tests but don’t; We have cure but it kills you; COVID is not serious but 15 may die, or 2.5 million or 60 000 or 250 000.

But don’t worry, we the people are going to vote him out come November….

Are kidding me!! Haven’t you learned ANYTHING during the past 3 years?? You mean you are trying to beat Trump by playing by the rules? Good luck with that. You lose. In fact, you have already lost by even preparing for an election.

You want the truth? Well…

You CAN handle the truth!

Do you remember the good old days? When we waited to see Trump impeached for paying off a porn star? We laughed and laughed! The idiot! He won’t survive more than a month in the White House.

Now we are worried for the future of Mankind. Haven’t laughed in months. That is span of the river Styx you have cross.

After being forced to suspend your disbelief daily for three years, you will now need to reclaim your right to think, No need to argue against anyone else. Wipe the dirty slate clean, and build upon facts. 

Remember? There are unassailable truths and rights, that we hold self-evident. Like freedom. Man’s word. The law. 

Come on, lets go.

What are you waiting for? Oh, the move against Rumplestiltskin? Just ignore him. He is not real. Neither is Trumps power. It’s just a dream of a sick mind, not reality. Wake up!

Now. Time to start the real fight. First ignore all that is not real.

And remember: If you can’t be good, be honest!

@Lord Kvakku

Quarantined, and happy

As luck would have it (as was planned, as I say) we moved to an isolated cabin last May. I felt trapped, unintuitive and oppressed in city. I had been traveling across the world my whole life, needed a change. A big change.

So it happened (so it was meant to happen,I say), that after that summer we felt totally at home in our little cabin. Saw nothing of real worth in the city and decided to look for a bigger house there. Somewhere in middle of nothing. Somewhere, where the water was pure enough to dring, plentiful bounty and a place we could heat and maintain ourself. Off the grid, as it were.

I have been fortunate enough (luck had nothing to do with it), to marry a doctor. She can get a job anywhere, it’s easy for us to pick up our lives and move. And so we did.

That was about six months ago. Enough time for us work out all the kinks in our house and our lives. Everything feels balanced, we are very happy.

During that fateful summer (fate? No…) I started to read about magnetic polar shift, comets, environment and climate crises. I made the decision to mitigate all perceivable threats to us. Started reading up on how to live independently and economically, taking as little as I can from the earth. My wife got interested in cupping, healing and traditional medicine.

So, as I knew would happen, (as luck would have it) we are now forced to live just the way I planned six months ago. We feel happy, capable, and totally content.

Now, you tell me, was this:

1. Amazing luck

2. Good planning

3. Pre-cognition

4. All above

As luck would have it, I had the foresight to plan my answer before I started to write this!😁



Every substance in the planet has a certain field of energy around it. All you see as substance on the planet is actually energy.

This is a scientific fact. Ask Einstein or Heisenberg!

The whole existence is energy. Some parts of energy has manifested itself in a certain level of reverberation, and that makes it a physical form. Another part of the energy does not manifest itself in a physical form. But it still has a form.

That form, which is not yet physical or refuses to become physical, but still maintains a form, that is you! A Sovereign Quantum Entity!!